1FNG001 [Free Download]

After celebrating our 1st Birthday back in October 2017 with Preditah, Swifta Beater & Frazah our 2nd year got off and running with our debut single from NuBass. Following on from the success of our first two genre releases 1FGRM001 & 1FBSS001 with plays across Radar Radio, Rinse FM & BBC Radio and support from the likes of Spooky, Shapes, FooR, Mr. V and plenty more our final leg of the 3 legged genre-specific releases arrived in the form of Funky & Garage - 1FFNG001. This was the final free release of the genre releases before going paid from 2018.

Release Date: 12th December 2017

  • 01. GHSTGHSTGHST - Buss Da Dance Ft Serious

  • 02. J69 - Wanna Say

  • 03. Witchdoctor - Gotta Get