Dizzle Kid

Originally from Birmingham, Dizzle Kid has seen his local city go from strength to strength as Grime fever took over from right back when Sidewinder took off in the early 2000s, often featuring himself alongside DJ Big Mikee and Vader. Whilst Birmingham has had its time in the limelight, it also has had times it got forgotten about in Grimes quieter years. Often been between London and Birmingham Dizzle Kid had the best of both worlds at times however he would always be flying the flag of his roots further north.

Fast forward a few years Dizzle gained quite a significant reputation as being one of the lading names in the Sika Records camp which brought together a lot of Birminghams best MC’s and crews such as Dizzle Kid, Devilman, Trilla and Stayfresh tearing up raves and stage takeovers around the Midlands, Bristol and beyond. Around this time he stayed in London for a stint and ended up going to a show with Marcus Nasty. An opportunity arose to host a show and the two have been tearing down raves around the country and Marcus’s Rinse FM show ever since. Dizzle is also part of the newly formed Nasty Bro’s collective consisting of Mic Man Frost, Shantie, alongside Marcus and Mak10. The last couple of years has seen Dizzle drop a lot of self released material seeing support from Sir Spyro, Logan Sama and Spooky amongst others which paved the way for his debut 1Forty Release ‘How Many Times’ Ft Killa P as part of 1FGRM004.