Killa P

A name that needs no introduction.. Killa P. A renowned MC in the Grime & Dubstep world. Hailing from Brixton, he’s acclaimed for his unique patois style and hard lyrics. Killa became known as one of the UK’s prolific MCs while he was a member of one of the UK’s founding grime crews, Roll Deep. His style and flow led to commercial success and earned him a new generation of fans through his 2008 collaboration with The Bug on the seminal track ‘SKENG’.

Fast forward a few years to 2016 where he released the biggest track of the year with Sir Spyro, Teddy Bruckshot & Lady Chann on Deep Medi along with other successful releases, including the first ever 1Forty Release 1FGRM001 with ‘Compute Riddim’ alongside Badness and ‘Rate Us’ which was his 2nd Release under the label on 1FGRM002. Killa returned 18 months later on 1FGRM004 with a double header on his solo track ‘They Don’t Know’ and a 16 bar feature on Dizzle Kid’s ‘How Many Times’.

Killa first brushed shoulders with 1Forty when he was booked as a headliner alongside Slimzee in May 2017. At the time 9TRANE had ‘Compute Riddim’ sat with Killa & Badness’s ‘Nuh Failer’ vocal over it which he was sent after performing together at Outlook Festival a year prior. After discussing it at the show, Killa gave the nod on the track and the debut release 1FGRM001 was formed.