1Forty Founder: LOCKT

In 2016 a new concept of combining underground genres was born. Founder LOCKT was frustrated at the offering of certain underground genres in Leeds. The idea of combining his DJ style, consisting of Grime, Garage, Funky & Bass music in to the same night was just a simple idea that has gone on to become the cornerstone of how 1Forty operates.

After a number of sold out events in Leeds booking the likes of Holy Goof and Skepsis when the next wave of the Bass sound was relatively unknown, and mixing them with pioneers such as Slimzee and Killa P it helped to raise awareness of different sounds to the next generation of ravers. That along with a superior marketing strategy and sharing the content from 1Forty events being almost impossible to ignore, 1Forty soon had people talking around the country.

In June 2017 the time came to adjoin the Label arm to the brand in order to take this new found formula and stamp its mark on the underground to carry on raising awareness of certain sounds beyond the club. The formula of the club nights birthed the format of the label paving the way for the colour coded Grime, Bass and Funky & Garage Releases. With every release more names have been enlisted from ex Roll Deep member Killa P to upcoming UKG and Bass sensation Sammy Virji all buying into the Labels ethos of promoting underground music to the masses.

You can often catch LOCKT warming up 1Forty dances, as well as being relied on for Detonate.